Forever Young Theater Group

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Dear Theatre Lovers!

The Forever Young Theatre Group are our   Co-op members. The group formed in 2010. Senior theatre thrives as a vehicle to highlight the talents of creative folks over the age of 55. It is challenging, rewarding and fun for those who enjoy acting, singing or dancing, writing, doing make-up and set or costume design. Plays are being written specifically for intergenerational or senior groups. Seniors are flocking to it as a way to stay sharp, vibrant and to get involved. It is a great time to join a groups such as this one and participate in the old world of theatre with a new slant!

Artistic Directors

Valerie Glover-Drolet and Heather Tremblay

Mistress of Ceremonies

Anita Van der Ven

Meet the Cast 

Ken Adams              Pat Baldwin

Diane Biancardi      Diane Dequoy

Karen Burrell           Bill Dore

Bernice Gallotti        Marie Gladys Tousignant

Martin Henson          Beth Komi

Anna Kromka            Louise LeBlanc

Joyce Mcgovern       Sylvia McDonald

Sandi Scott               Sandra Tremblay

Supporting Cast

Meagan Lavoie          Lorraine Tremblay

Hazel Wylie          John Komi          Heather Weinmeister

Production Team

Original Lyrics          Bill Door

Vocal Coach          Stephan Forget

Musical Direction          Anita Van der Ven

Sound and Technical Director          Earl Flint

Lighting Designer & Equipment          Steve Fiset

Lighting Operator          Mary Morgan

Music Compilation and Archives          Fran Goulet

Music Research          Bob Goulet

Assistant to Directors          Sylvia McDonald

Volunteer Coordinator          Diane Biancardi

Program Ticket Design         Paul Goyetche

Ticket Sales and Hall Decor          Diane Dequoy

Set Decor Painter          Jean Claude Olivier

Wardrobe Mistress          Liz Carpini

Videographer          Paul Goyetche

Assistant Videographer          Myrna Goyetche


Stephanie Cocking         Dominic Biancardi

          Paul Audet         Ashley Audet

Jack Fasoli          Jean Shelley

         Joan Hilliker          Jean Hilliker

          Diane Vaage          Bonnie Smith

          Joanne Lepore          Dale Robertson

More details coming soon!

“Moments to Remember”

100 Years of Broadway

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