Our History

Sur Les Ailes des Artisans, On the Wings of Artisans Cooperative, is a non-profit organization, active since 2008.  It was created to assist in the development, promotion of arts and culture, marketing and education for artisans and artists.  The idea came from the participants of an Entrepreneurial Breakfast Club, who realized that by combining forces they could better educate, teach, sell, support, purchase and market themselves as artists.  Through this like mind set, the idea to join forces came to this group of enterprising women who along with the help of the local CEDEC (Community Economic Development Employability Committee) and CDR office, created the cooperative Sur Les Ailes des Artisans On the Wings of Artisans which was later changed to Coopérative de Solidarité des Arts des Basses-Laurentides or as we call ourselves Co-op des Arts.


Past Accomplishments and Milestones

  1. Incorporation in 2008 as not for profit organization promoting the Arts
  2. Supported the entrepreneurial development of new businesses in Arts and Culture
  3. Produced workshops and seminars
    • Women in business
    • Promotion and Marketing
    • Website design course.



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