Coop des Arts des Basses Laurentides

Coop des Arts des Basses Laurentides is a non-profit organization run by volunteer artists and artisans who adhere to the universal values.

The Cooperative represents many types of art, artists, artisans, theater, music, pottery, textile art, collage, copper sculpted jewelry, hand-crafted candles, knit and crochet, glass, photography, scrolled wood products, print making, calligraphy, painting on different mediums, rocks, wood, glass and fabric; recycled nature flowers, pendulums and gems.

The Cooperative is very proud to count among its members:

Viviane Godon, Master Pottery Maker
Andrea Schillgalies, Master in Raku and Porcelain
Debbie Glover Fleming, gemologist and Member of Silversmith

To reach us, please email:


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